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Tuesday, January 21 2020

Music at St. John’s
by James French

The music program at St. John’s continued with fervor throughout 2019 and into 2020. The Parish Choir continues to sing weekly at the 10:30 a.m. service. The Jubilate Choir sings much of the same choral literature as the Parish Choir, but with a less strenuous schedule. They have special projects with the trebles from the Parish Choir adding to the variety of choral music offerings within the churches liturgy. And of course they join in singing for all Festival Services.

The Compline Choir has increased in size with about 14 regular members that insure an octet minimum ensemble. Performing more challenging literature has stretched each singer’s skill and confidence creating consistently reliable performances of the liturgy needed for peaceful evening worship.  Overall, attendance has substantially increased. The Second Sunday of the Month Compline Service has been enhanced with an organ recital immediately following the Compline Office. This offers local organists an opportunity to have the experience of playing our fine Schlicker Pipe Organ, increasing their skills, while making an evening musical offering to our community at large. Overall attendance ranges between from 20 to 70 souls with the organ recitals being larger.

In the Fall of 2019, Isaura Fernandez Orozco began leading the 6 pm Spanish Service Ensemble with her stunning voice accompanying on the guitar along with Jim Steyn playing trumpet.

The Spiritus Dance Ensemble added to worship for a numbers of Festival Services. However, now there are not available dancers as in the past.

Taizé services during Lent included instrumentalists and vocalists from the congregation and from Olympia Sacred Jazz Ensemble who also offered a Jazz Mass this fall at the 10:30 AM Service.

A strong brass ensemble presence is now emerging with a seven member ensemble participating for Festival Easter Services and during Christmas, as well as trumpets added to services from time to time.

In addition to Sunday services, the singing of a hymn at the Wednesday morning 7 a.m. service continues.

Our 5th Annual Lessons & Carols Service, led by the Parish Choir, the Compline Choir and Jubilate Choir revealed that St. John’s Choirs have grown in size and vocal ability. They confidently led the congregation in traditional Anthems and Carols for the Season.

Our Christine Beckman’s Nookta Rose Baroque concert, this past Sunday was a hands down spectacular success. Christine’s choice of music from the Italian Baroque revealed both the sensitive and the exciting sides of life lived in Italy. Hearing the fine reproductions of period instruments, violins, cello, baroque guitar, and the visually exciting archlute introduced many listeners for the first time to the world of early music.  Expert interpretation of this styled music along with pithy narrative invited all into the magic.

In review, St. John’s Concert Series continued with its traditional procession of outstanding visiting choirs, The Esoterics and Seattle Pro-Musica. However, St. John’s entered into an agreement with the Olympia Chamber Orchestra for their performing their annual season as a part of St. John’s Concert Season and OCO will accompany St. John’s choirs in various projects throughout the year. Many of you enjoyed OCO’s Concerts this past Fall and we look forward to two more this spring, Of Dance and All American Concert. The latter features all St. John’s Choirs along with St. Martin’s University Choirs, Opera Pacifica Chorus accompanied by Olympia Chamber Orchestra in a spectacular celebration of music by Aaron Copland and others.

Gabrieli and Friends Music for Brass and Organ extravaganza with scholar Rebecca Edwards, and the Dedicatory Recital of our finished Schlicker Pipe Organ played by Douglas Cleveland. We thank Bond Organ Builders of Portland, Oregon for stepping up as they work to complete the installation in time for the concert.

The Parish Choir continues to sing weekly at the 10:30 a.m. service. The Jubilate Choir sings much of the same choral literature as the Parish Choir, but with a less strenuous schedule. The Compline Choir has increased in size with about 14 regular members that insure an octet minimum ensemble. Performing more challenging literature has stretched each singer’s skill and confidence creating consistently reliable performances of the liturgy needed for peaceful evening worship.  Overall, attendance has substantially increased. The Second Sunday of the Month Compline Service has been enhanced with an organ recital immediately following the Compline Office. This offers local organists an opportunity to have the experience of playing our fine Schlicker Pipe Organ, increasing their skills, while making an evening musical offering to our community at large. Overall attendance ranges between from 20 to 70 souls with the organ recitals being larger.

A strong brass ensemble presence has emerged with a seven member ensemble participating for Festival Christmas and Easter Services with added brass added to services from time to time just for fun!

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Tuesday, January 21 2020

From Lou MacMillan, Chair of the St. John's Renovation Committee:

Since my December report, we’ve forged ahead with design of the roof/structural improvements and Chancel remodel, keeping within budget and on schedule. We’ve also learned a good deal more about how much energy a solar panel array on the Sanctuary roof could produce, for how long, and what it could cost. Read on for more details.

Sanctuary Renovation

KMB finished all schematic design (SD) work for Part I and Part II in January, and is now well into design development (DD) of the Part I roof/structural work. Building on the completed SD phase, we expect DD to finalize all the design, structural, and material details by the end of January. Then KMB will begin working on construction documents (CD), the final detailed plans used for bidding and construction.

The Vestry wisely authorized only schematic design for the Part II Chancel remodel to provide a general scope of proposed improvements to address several key areas:

  • barriers to accessibility
  • cramped space for worship participants
  • poor acoustics and lighting
  • uneven floor, unfinished floor and organ cases
  • integration of new structural elements (wall in-fills, X-bracing)

Earlier this month, KMB delivered the final schematic design materials for use with the upcoming capital campaign. They contain narrative, floor plans, elevations and illustrations. These materials will be distributed in conjunction with the campaign. Bear in mind that the design solutions proposed simply illustrate the general scope of work. If the work is funded and constructed, final design of features – screen walls, altar, ambo (a combination pulpit and lectern), furnishings and finishes – will be refined significantly.

I want to thank KMB, their sub-consultants, architect Clint Pehrson, and Father R.C. for their thoughtful approach to and valuable feedback on the Chancel schematic design. The team has worked hard and well together to get us to this stage of discernment.

In other good news, FORMA Construction, our general contractor, performed a “rough order of magnitude” review of the Part I scope of work and estimated construction will cost $817,000, which is close to our August 2019 estimate.  At this stage of design, this is considered a reasonable margin. As I said, scope, budget and schedule are all aligned – a good thing!

Solar Panel Array

Capstone Solutions, a Redmond-based alternative energy provider, has provided a preliminary analysis of installing a solar panel array on the new Sanctuary roof. The good news is a system is technically feasible, will not void the new roof’s warranty, and depending on its size, could provide all, or nearly all, of our electrical energy (based on last year’s usage).

The not-so-good news is the cost estimates are $100,000 - $120,000. Obviously, this additional cost is a concern, given that the roof and structural work will total about $1 million and the Chancel remodel, if approved and funded, would cost an estimated $600,000.

One option to outright purchase of a system is to finance it instead. One or more investors (donors) could form a limited liability corporation (LLC) and acquire the system up-front to be installed on the roof. The LLC members could recoup their investment through both tax credits and power production paybacks over a period of about 10 years, then transfer ownership of the system to the church for the sum of a dollar. That would provide the parish with another 15 years of service life on a system that’s guaranteed for 25 years. This is just one financing option discussed with Capstone, there may be others.

The Vestry received this information at its January 16 meeting, and will consider next steps. If the Vestry authorizes the addition of a solar panel array, either the “stretch” goal of the capital campaign will need to be adjusted upwards to include the extra cost, or we will need to further explore the financing option with Capstone. Either way, if approved, it will be important to move ahead quickly on a solar array to fold it into the overall project scope in time for construction start this summer.

Respectfully submitted,
Lou MacMillan
Renovation Committee Chair

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Tuesday, January 21 2020

January 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

Another calendar year has passed. The Vestry Class of 2019 participated in its last meeting on January 16, 2020. Be sure to offer "Thanks!" to Catherine Atwell, Mary Knotts, Nicki Weekes and Mark Teply for their service over the past years. Each of them has contributed so much to support St. John's. Please be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their work as I do. As they leave, we will be ready to welcome the Class of 2021! Those members will be elected on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at our Annual Meeting. The meeting will take place between the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services on that day. Be sure to mark your calendar!

To begin with your Vestry worked on:

                        1. Thank You Notes

                        2. Who to recognize in February at our monthly Recognition Sunday

                        3. Vestry Coffee Rota

                        4. Cleaning Party on January 21, 2020

                        5. Revisiting the Greeter Program at St. John's

                        6. Ways to involve youth

As the King of Siam says to Mrs. Anna, "Etc., Etc., Etc." An oft-quoted line from "The King and I," if you're unfamiliar with that reference. Those "Etc's." included: An update from Lou MacMillan on the Building Renovation Project, Jr. Warden, Ric Weatherman's, sharing the Mold Abatement Estimate, and Financial updates from Treasurer Bob LeRoy. All those reports should be uploaded and be available for your viewing on the website.

Other topics of discussion included what options would work for coverage for Fr. R.C. while he is on Sabbatical. At this particular point, the Vestry understands the financial situation we're in, but realizes it must also make the best decision for St. John's. Certainly extensive thought, guidance and prayer are essential as we contemplate that decision.

Treasurer Bob LeRoy reports that our Diocesan Assessment for January 2020 has been paid! We've committed to being current with our assessment payments; let's continue to work together to achieve this goal. Thanks! Your continued support is noted and much appreciated!

Bob also provided additional information on the Capital Campaign, as well as addressing efforts to ensure all parishioners have had the opportunity to participate in our 2020 Supplemental Pledge appeal. To accomplish this, you should be receiving a letter regarding that appeal shortly. If you have already indicated you can help with an increase in your 2020 pledge or make an additional gift of some sort, please disregard that letter. If you haven't, please take a moment and prayerfully consider it.

Please Note:

JANUARY 31--Please have all Annual Reports submitted to Mary Law by this date so she can have them ready for the Annual Meeting.

I'd like to mention a couple of things before I close. 1.--As Fr. Evan mentioned in his remarks this past Sunday, please remember to wear your Name Tags! If you need a new one for whatever reason, let a Greeter, Usher, Vestry or Clergy member know. Someone will get one made for you. It's a beginning to help us all know each other better. 2.--Please, please, please speak with myself or any Vestry member if you have anything you want to discuss. The more we talk, the more we understand. Again, as Fr. Evan mentioned in his sermon a couple of weeks ago, sitting down and having conversations, be they pleasant or uncomfortable, is something we need to do. I think it helps St. John's when we do.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Annual Meeting!

In the attempt,
Mark Hampton
Sr. Warden
St. John's Vestry 

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Friday, December 13 2019

The days have gotten short, and it feels like all the light in the world has been snuffed out. As Christians, we spend Advent waiting and watching for Jesus. We remember that he was born to Mary, which we celebrate each year at Christmas, but we also watch for the mystery of it happening again, among us now. We watch for him to return in majesty. We see the light disappear bit by bit, knowing that it will return again, and when we welcome the light again, we will also welcome Christ.

In a way, we’re waiting in expectation like this as a parish as well...

....We look to this summer, when the roof of our worship space, which has leaked since the day it was completed, will be replaced. We look to a time when our beautiful church won’t have any more water stains, and everyone will be able to approach the altar, regardless of their ability on stairs. And we look to a time when our community is about to celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of renewing our church building, a task which has been dreaded by generations of St. John’s members.

As the light comes back into the world at Christmas, so it will grow in our parish, as we get closer and closer to seeing this dream become a reality. You’ll hear more about how we’re working to get there in this month’s edition of The Chronicle. Our Senior Warden Mark Hampton has written about all the incredible work your Vestry has done to get us to this point, and our Treasurer Bob LeRoy will talk about the budget he and our leaders have created, which was adopted at the December Vestry meeting.

The Vestry has also adopted a plan for me to take a sabbatical next summer, from June 1 – September 30. Sabbaticals are referenced in the Bible, but are better known from the world of academia these days. The Biblical sabbatical was every seventh year. In the Diocese of Olympia, the standard is not a year, but 3-6 months every five years. It’s a time of ceasing what you would normally do, so you can take up a new activity for a time, to enrich your vocation when you return to it.

I will be spending the first half of my sabbatical, all of June and July, studying Spanish by immersion at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. I will then travel with my family some, and then visit members of my clergy group before concluding my time with a pilgrimage to the ecumenical monastery at Taizé, France. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this sabbatical time in the coming months, as we prepare together for my time away. I know that this sort of opportunity a rare gift, and I am incredibly grateful to the entire congregation for the chance to do this.

Finally, I’m also making final preparations for having my left hip replaced on December 31. It has been bothering me since I first came to St. John’s, and January is usually slow enough at St. John’s that I felt it was a good time to get this addressed. I am grateful to my colleagues here at St. John’s who will keep everything running smoothly while I am recovering, and to my colleague, the Rev. Evan Clendenin, who will be the priest-in-charge until I return. I hope to be back on Sunday, February 2, but that will depend on how my healing is going.    

I wish you an Advent of wonder, and a Christmastide of joy. Many happy returns of the season!

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Friday, December 13 2019

Sanctuary Renovation Committee Report

Many people – architects, owner representative, renovation committee, capital campaign chair, Rector and Vestry – are hard at work on the Sanctuary renovation. We are blessed to have such a talented, thoughtful design team and engaged leadership working together on this project. Herewith, a summary of our recent progress.

Part I - Roof & Structural Improvements

Design work reached a milestone on December 5, when we approved the Schematic Design (SD) for the roof replacement and structural improvements. This means the basic roof and structural design is done and can go into the next phase, called Design Development (DD). The DD phase will finalize design, structural, and material details; we expect it to be completed by the end of January.

The new roof material will be a single-ply, rubber-like membrane (no shingles!) with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, plus a one-year workmanship warranty. Structural upgrades will include two X-braces between the concrete portal frames closest to the back (south end) of the nave, and add extra concrete to support the large stained glass window over the red entry doors.

Part II - Chancel Remodel

We authorized our architects to complete a Schematic Design (SD) of the Chancel remodel to provide a conceptual plan for our consideration, as Part II work had less overall support than Part I in last summer’s feasibility study responses. The Part II Schematic Design will include a narrative, floor plans and elevations (side views) to illustrate the basic design, forms, spatial relationships, systems, and scale of the remodel. The architects are revising it to incorporate our latest feedback and corrections to the initial design concept. SD drawings, while not a final design, will provide the basis for further funding consideration and ultimate decision-making.  We expect to receive the completed SD package from the architects by early January, in time to include it with the materials for the capital campaign.

Solar Panel Proposal

At the request of some members of the parish, we have asked Capstone Solutions, an alternative energy provider, for a detailed proposal on the technical and financial feasibility of installing a high-efficiency solar panel array on the Sanctuary roof. We are in the early stages of discerning whether such a system could work for St. John’s, but several issues must be better understood before we can make a recommendation to the Vestry. We’re working diligently to determine its potential.

Lou MacMillan, Renovation Committee Chair

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Friday, December 13 2019

The Chronicle, December 13, 2019

Treasurer’s Report & Capital Campaign Update

Treausurer's Report

Our current financial condition
updated: December 19, 2019

Statements of Activities and Financial Position as of November 30, 2019 can be viewed by clicking on the embedded links or by following this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. 

Bank balances as of November 30, 2019:

  • Operations = $33,079.30 (up from $28,008.16 on October 31, 2019 but down from $47,131.87 on November 30, 2018)
  • Designated = $35,825.06 (down from $48,500.91 on October 31, 2019 and $91,729.56 on November 30, 2018)
  • Memorial = $7,718.33 (virtually unchanged since November 30, 2018)

As of October 31, 2019, the balance in our General (Unrestricted) Account with the Diocese of Olympia Master Trust was $450,954.88. It will be reduced by $40,000 as of November 30, 2019 and by another $80,000 as of December 31, 2019 to apply to our architect’s fees and expenses to-date for their work to replace our sanctuary roof and undertake related structural repairs.  We intend to reimburse the General Account from funds raised in our upcoming capital campaign.

Looking ahead to 2020

A Profit & Loss Budget Overview for 2020 (our 2020 Budget) was approved by the Vestry on December 12, 2019.  It reflects a projected deficit of $99,423.66. It can be viewed by clicking on the embedded link or by following this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

$56,346.00 (57%) of the projected deficit is our Diocesan Assessment for 2020.  Bishop Rickel has advised that—so long as we remain current with our Assessment payments in 2020—we will not be required to make any payments in 2020 on the balance owing from 2018 and 2019  (approximately $77,000.00), and in 2021, we may petition for forgiveness of all or part of this unpaid balance from prior years.

The projected deficit is likely to increase as we fail to secure pledges from those who gave in 2018 and/or 2019 but have not pledged in 2020 and we incur additional expenses related to our buildings and grounds, including repairing and replacing cracked concrete on the sidewalk, work required by the fire marshal to satisfy code requirements in the space leased by the Olympia Community School, and potential mold remediation.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our budget or financial condition, please contact Cynthia Knapp, our Bookkeeper, at or me at

Respectfully submitted…

…Bob Le Roy, Treasurer

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Capital Campaign Update

Given the priority to raise additional revenue to sustain our operations in 2020, Jerry Campbell, our consultant with the Episcopal Church Foundation, has recommended that we delay the start of our capital campaign by two months. Early gift solicitation, the “Quiet Phase” of the campaign, will now begin on Sunday, March 15, 2020. The Campaign Kick-Off for the “Congregational Phase” is scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 and we’ll celebrate the conclusion of the campaign on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020.

In January, we will complete the recruitment of campaign leadership and begin work on printed materials for the campaign, including the brochure, pledge card, and content for the website.

Thanks so much for your interest in and support of our capital campaign. We look forward to keeping you informed as our preparations continue. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me at

Onward together in faith…

…Bob Le Roy, Capital Campaign Chair

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Friday, December 13 2019

December 13, 2019

Dear Friends,

It certainly seems as if it's been quite awhile since I last had the opportunity to bring you up to date on what was occurred at the most recent Vestry meetings. My last communication with you was at Thanksgiving when I summed up what your Vestry had accomplished or is continuing to work on, as our liturgical year ended. Now it's Advent with Christmas just a few days away. Time to wrap up the calendar year and look ahead to 2020!

As you may be aware, this publication of The Chronicle was delayed in order for the latest information be given to you after the December Vestry meeting. With that in mind, I'm providing information from the November Vestry Meeting, as well as what we have learned at last night's meeting.

Let's backtrack to November and look at some highlights:

1) Our monthly Recognition Sunday for December will be focusing on the Pastoral Committee. That group will be recognized on Sunday, Dec. 8.

2) Fr. R.C. led us through an exercise from the College for Congregational Development Model that focused on an organization and the dynamics of the personal interactions with those involved in the organization. Of course, this is a VERY brief summary of the activity.

3) An update on the pledge campaign was provided. We learned that (A) pledges had been received from new folks at St. John's (Thank You!), (B) pledges are still being collected and (C) that we would probably need to make some follow up phone calls to parishioners regarding their participation in the campaign. I need to extend a much deserved Thank You! to Sarah Clifthorne for producing a program containing much needed information that can be used in future Pledge Campaigns!

4) Treasurer Bob Le Roy has been working with Sarah to stay abreast of the progress of the Pledge Campaign and determine how it relates to the 2020 budget. That budget is being worked on by Bob, Fr. R.C. and our Bookkeeper, Cynthia Knapp. That work will be presented to the Vestry for consideration on December 12. Preliminary information indicates we should expect a shortfall for 2020. Bob will present a detailed report regarding the shortfall at the December 12 Vestry meeting. There was also discussion as to how to address the deficit.

5) Fr. R.C. provided an update on his Sabbatical plans for 2020. The Sabbatical is a contractual agreement between St. John's and Fr. R.C. He is entitled to a three to six months leave after completing five years service to St. John's. Expect more detailed information regarding the plan from Fr. R.C., as he plans to address his plans during a Forum session at 9:15 AM on December 22. There is much more to a Sabbatical than honoring a contractual agreement. The concept, of course, has Biblical roots. There are many references to the need for the rest and the renewal that all of us need. It is a time to refresh, renew and rejuvenate ourselves both physically and spiritually. It is with this spirit that the Sabbatical leave should be approached. 

6) Lou MacMillan provided information from the Sanctuary Renovation Committee to let us know where we were with regard to the anticipated construction project.

Please remember once the minutes of a Vestry Meeting are approved, they are available in the office or on the website for your review. Other things are always discussed at Vestry meetings. The intent of my communication is to provide just a highlight of things.

In addition to the regular November Vestry meeting, we held a short, informational meeting on Sunday, December 1 at 9:30 AM. The main focus of that meeting was an update on the Budgeting process for 2020 and a specific plan for making the follow up phone calls to parishioners regarding their participation in the Pledge Campaign.

The December meeting of the Vestry was held on December 12th. During the meeting, Jr. Warden Ric Weatherman reported that after a walk through with the Fire Marshall, it was found that we are in need of upgrading our fire alarm system as well as the potential need to address an upgrade to our sprinkler system upstairs in the area used by Olympia Community School. In other action, the Vestry approved the Sabbatical plan for Fr. R.C. that was introduced back in August. More information regarding the leave will be provided by Fr. R.C. during The Forum session on December 22. The Vestry also approved the budget for 2020 that was submitted by Treasurer Bob Le Roy.

Again, several other things were discussed, and as always I will refer you to review the complete meeting minutes after they are approved either in the office or on the website. The item most likely on everyone's mind centered on the Budget for 2020 and the anticipated deficit for the coming year and how to address the financial situation in which we find ourselves. Please refer to Bob Le Roy's article in this edition of The Chronicle for the specific details of our financial position.

In previous communications with you I have expressed your Vestry's efforts to have a better understanding of where we were financially. 2019 has been a difficult year. Our financial accounts were in need of a thorough examination. The manner in which things had been done and records kept were in need of an overhaul. It took a long time and required a tremendous amount of work from Fr. R.C., Treasurer Bob Le Roy and Bookkeeper Cynthia Knapp to figure things out and get a handle on things. They completed their part of the journey. My heartfelt Thanks! to them for their efforts!!

We were in the dark about things regarding finances. Now we're in the light and can actually tell where we are. We may not like what we see, but at least we know where we are.

The bottom line is we have a financial problem and we need to deal with it. Just like we're having to deal with things like a leaky roof, potential safety issues from the lack of adequate seismic construction, crumbling sidewalks and smelly and potentially hazardous mold. These problems have been around so long we've become oblivious to their existence and effect on us, to some extent. Your Vestry has demonstrated courage and leadership in stepping forward with a willingness to address these problems and make St. John's an even more wonderful place.

Your Vestry also finds itself in the most uncomfortable position of having to ask for more financial support. With that in mind, we have decided to delay the beginning of our Capital Campaign until Easter. That delay will allow us time to focus on the complete financial position in which we find ourselves and develop a plan to address our needs.

Asking for help is never an easy thing for any of us to do. I think most of us would rather try to figure things out on our own. If we are lost, we try to figure out where we are with the use of a map (or phone these days). If we can't figure out how to put that Christmas present together, we turn to the assembly instructions, with reluctance probably. But there comes a point in time when we have to say, "Can you help me, please?" Difficult words to utter, and ones that require a good bit of strength and faith.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is an acknowledgement of a need. A need for help. I do this all the time in prayer. I ask for guidance, strength, understanding, the right words to say or write, etc. Whatever the need, I'm asking God for help.

This is surely a time when we all need to offer our prayers for direction and for thanksgiving.

In the attempt,

Mark Hampton
Sr. Warden
St. John's Vestry

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Tuesday, October 01 2019


Our Pledge Campaign for 2020 has launched, and I’d like to offer my thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make it happen: Sarah Clifthorne and Gerry Apple, co-chairs; Mary Law, Evie Fagergren and all our office workers who come in during the week; our speakers who share their faith on Sunday mornings this month; and our shepherds who are making sure everyone in the parish has a pledge card. Thank you to each of you for your ministry!

I mentioned this in The Messenger last week, but it bears repeating here in The Chronicle: I have been diagnosed with advanced arthritis in the left hip, and on the advice of my doctors I have scheduled a total hip replacement for December 31. I will be away from St. John’s all of January recovering from this procedure. Thankfully, the Church Pension Fund provides insurance for active clergy in these circumstances, so we will be able to hire an interim to take over for the month that I’m gone. I’ll announce who that person is as soon as we have finalized all the details. In the meantime, my sincerest thanks to our Wardens, Mark Hampton & Ric Weatherman, and to the Vestry, who have been incredibly supportive as I’ve been evaluating treatment options and developing a plan in these last months. I’m deeply grateful for their support, and for that of the parish.



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Tuesday, October 01 2019

Sanctuary Renovation Planning Update

Planning continues for the renovation of our Sanctuary. You’ll recall the Feasibility Study conducted in July by the Episcopal Church Foundation found a high probability that a capital campaign could raise $964,000, and perhaps more toward our “stretch” goal of $1.6 million for the entire project.

Since then we’ve worked with Clint Pehrson Architects of Seattle, our architectural consultant, to further refine the project scope and budget details based on the ECF’s conclusions. In late August, Clint, Father R.C., members of the Vestry, and I met with KMB Architects of Olympia, to discuss hiring them as the primary architects. While not specialists in church architecture, KMB brings a wealth of design experience in weatherproofing and structural improvements that may improve the efficiency of our project. A local firm, they have completed many public-sector projects in education, hospitality, and health care. We are now working with KMB to clarify all project details and costs in anticipation that we will soon contract with them for design services.

Clint Pehrson is under contract to remain as the Owner’s Representative throughout the design phase. He will assist us in negotiating the owner/architect agreement, guide KMB’s design work for the aesthetics and acoustics of our worship space, evaluate and advise us on that design, assist with project permitting, and help us select a general contractor. At our option, we may retain Clint during the construction phase, which is planned for summer 2020.

Over the next several weeks, KMB will move forward on schematic design, including drawings that will help us envision what the renovation will look like. These should be available when we launch our capital campaign later this year. I will update you with any renovation developments in the November edition of The Chronicle, and as needed until then.

For the Sanctuary Renovation Committee:

Lou MacMillan, Chair
Tim Tayne
Tom Loranger
Ray Willard

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Tuesday, October 01 2019

We are excited by this year’s annual pledge theme, “Shining Our Light.” This theme, taken from the fifth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, speaks to us as individuals and as a community of faith. Individually, each of us is called to make sure we are letting God’s light shine through our work, our friendships, our service, and our giving. We are called to be light bearers. This is a powerful calling.

As a faith community, St. John’s | San Juan’s must shine the light of Christ through our worship, welcome, pastoral care, and outreach ministry to our wider community. We are often amazed by how members of our Church use their time, talents, and treasure to keep their light shining brightly. Some of us make sure the snacks at the coffee hour are delicious and abundant. Others participate in our worship either by singing in the choir or assisting in the service. Still others prepare the worship space with flowers or altar vestments. Many of us also represent the church in our participation of various community service programs.

While during this pledge drive, each of us asked to make a generous financial pledge for the coming year, we are also grateful for the many gifts of time, food, and skills from each member of this church. We hope you’ll join us as we work together to shine our light in church, in our community, and in our lives. Pledge cards and return envelopes should have arrived in your postal mail, but are also available at the Church Office. We will collect them at the end of our campaign on Sunday, October 27th (although you may return earlier to the Church Office).


Sarah Clifthorne and Gerry Apple 
Co-Chairs 2019 Pledge Campaign

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