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St. John's Episcopal

The Property Redevelopment Committee of St. John's | San Juan Episcopal Church has created a Request for Qualifications (RFQ)  to select a qualified consultant to lead the church in a study of property redevelopment options for the church’s property in Olympia, Washington.

As we begin our 158th year, St. John’s | San Juan’s is at a crossroads. The structures on our property are in a state of decline, yet rising constructions costs due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have made renovations infeasible. However, we believe that change always comes with opportunity, and are looking toward a future where strong organizational partnerships could allow us to build space that serves not only our own needs, but the needs of our local and regional communities as well. We seek a consultant to help explore options for a multi-use redevelopment of our property that would incorporate a new worship space better suited to our congregation, combined with additional uses such as affordable family housing, affordable childcare center, community center, or other appropriate, creative use. Our expectation is to determine if redevelopment could both renew our own space and provide needed community assets that align with our mission of social justice, hospitality, and creation care.

We hope to identify an experienced and proven development consultant to guide us in this process, which we anticipate will include significant dialogue with government and community stakeholders. We expect the final work product to be a comprehensive report addressing development approaches, partnership opportunities, public
engagement, project financing, and other relevant considerations that would support our congregation in its decision-making process.

Essential Outcomes

1) Evaluate the costs, benefits, and risks of alternative options for mixed use development, with consideration for construction costs, zoning, ADA access, environmental constraints, historic preservation, and neighborhood impacts.

2) Identify potential redevelopment partners in the areas of affordable housing, early childhood care, or community service, combined with a review and analysis of potential funding instruments and opportunities.

3) Identify and chronologically outline key steps and milestones in the redevelopment process, with a view to creating direct engagement opportunities for our congregation and community stakeholders.

4) Develop a close, collaborative working relationship with representatives of the church’s Property Redevelopment Committee and Vestry (board of directors), as well as with residents of the South Capitol Neighborhood, the City of Olympia, and other critical government and community stakeholders, so as to assess suitability of site redevelopment and additional uses.

5) A final report by October 1, 2022.

The RFQ can be dowlonaded by clicking the button below.

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