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St. John's Episcopal
Cambodian Support Ministry

Since 2008, St. John's has supported relief efforts in Cambodia through our "Adopt a Cambodian Family" Program.  We have provided stipends for food for between 20 and 30 carefully selected individuals or families in desperate need.  More recently, our Seed Grant program has provided start-up funding to allow five or more poor, but capable, individuals or families the opportunity to begin supporting themselves with a small business, necessary tools or technical education.  Over the years, we have also sent money to help with flood relief, digging wells and constructing an irrigation canal to serve poor farmers.

Each March, we hold a Cambodian New Year’s dinner gala to raise money for this ministry.  Donations are gratefully received at any time.  $15 provides money for food for a family for one month; $180 for the year.  For information, please Tithia Sum at 360-464-8051 or or Sherry Sullivan at 360-705-1974 or