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St. John's Episcopal
Events Committee

What is the Events Committee? We’re the group of parishioners who present specific Events each year, and step up to put on receptions for special events, such as the Bishop’s visit, when asked by the Rector.

Our standard Events are:

  • Annual Meeting – set up and refreshments 
  • Easter Vigil post-service celebration
  • English Tea (with the Daughters of the British Empire)
  • June Jumble (with the Library and the Busy Bees)
  • Ice Cream Social C.H.A.T.
  • Root Beer Float C.H.A.T.
  • Food service for StreetFest (just part of the team on this one)
  • Italian Dinner and Wine Tasting
  • Olde English Christmas Faire and Pub Lunch

We provide opportunities for the Parish to come together – and so support the mission of building community so that we as a parish can do outreach effectively. We also sponsor fundraising events, the Jumble and the Christmas Faire, that provide a way for other parish groups to raise their funds. 

Events Committee funds are spent on the food, the plates/cups/cutlery and, where it makes sense, tablecloths and other items used for events. We’ve also funded scholarships for Camp Michael, provided substantial support to the Hispanic Ministry and paid for church repairs and supplies. 

If you are interested in participating in the Events Committee, contact Karen Sanchez or Laura Tayne through the church office at 360-352-8527. Or you can just show up to one of our meetings.