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St. John's Episcopal
Wednesday, July 28 2021


July 2021

This informational report provides updates on the renovation, other building projects, and one recently-identified building security issue.


Updated FORMA Bid

Today we received the corrected breakout of FORMA’s $1.835 million bid.

2020 Estimate  2021 Bid          $ Change       % Change     
Roof & Electrical   $649,000 $1,464,500 $815,500 +126%
Seismic $356,000 $370,000 $14,500 +4%
Total $1,005,000 $1,835,000 $830,000 +83%

Figures exclude sales tax.

The seismic bid is only 4% higher than estimated, but the roof and electrical bid combined is 126% higher, making the total bid 83% higher than estimated. While we could accept the seismic bid now – a plan that received broad support at the June 24 parish budget meeting – it seems prudent to wait for commodity prices to fall further from recent peaks before asking FORMA to rebid the roof and electrical. Keep in mind, however, that commodity prices may remain elevated for some time as the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the global economy. We may not see a return to pre-COVID “normal” any time soon, if ever. (Remember when gas cost $2 a gallon? Yeah, me neither.)

Diocesan Guidance & Loan Approval

The Executive Committee met with Marc Malone, our diocesan “mentor” for the loan request process, on July 14 to review project information and parish financials. The Board of Directors heard Marc’s initial presentation on July 15 and asked him several questions, to which we are now drafting a response. Vicki Setzer, a Board member, will be in Olympia for a tour of our building next Monday, July 26, and to meet with us about parish finances on Tuesday or Wednesday. We expect to provide Marc and the Board with a completed loan request application by early August, in time for the Board’s August 19 meeting, contingent on Vestry approval of a resolution to do so.

Property Appraisal

No action on this yet, as we remain in dialogue with the diocesan Board of Directors for guidance and approval of a loan request so we can accept the seismic bid from FORMA.

Other Renovation Actions

While we remain in a holding pattern on the main renovation work, we are advancing a few smaller projects that are prerequisite to the renovation. These projects can be done independently using contractors, or where appropriate, volunteer labor. Completion of these projects will help clear the way for the seismic upgrades to begin.

  • Tree Removal
    The Building & Grounds Committee, chaired by Ray Willard, is planning one or two work parties this summer to tidy up the church grounds, including removal of the two Alaskan yellow cedar trees at the north end of the Sanctuary. We may hire a certified arborist to perform this work; cost estimate pending.
  • Moeller Organ Removal
    Removal of the organ must precede both seismic upgrades and replacement of the east chancel roof. Bond Organ of Portland will perform much of this work, assisted by a few parish volunteers. A demolition contractor will be on site next week to estimate the cost to remove the wood-paneled ledge and large architectural screens that conceal the pipes; this work will allow for removal of all the larger pipes and components. Pending receipt of all price quotes, the estimate for this work is $15,000 - $20,000.


Parish Hall Cooling

While not part of the Sanctuary renovation, Tim Tayne is contacting vendors for a cost-effective method to provide cooling to the office spaces and Parish Hall, which become unbearably hot for our staff and volunteers during the summer months. Possibilities include adding AC to the existing forced-air heating system, or mounting ductless cooling units on the interior walls of these rooms. While we may not be able to proceed with this work for a while – money’s tight! – we hope to find a way to make these spaces more comfortable for folks to work in.

Solar Panel Array

The Solar Working Group – Tom Loranger, Dennis Cooper, George and Karen Bray, Bill Van Hook, Anne Hall – received one quote from South Sound Solar for a solar panel array on the new Sanctuary roof. The system would cost $103,637 to install, provide a guaranteed 52% energy offset (producing 42,000 kWh of our 80,000- kWh annual consumption), and save $275,000 over 40 years. Further action is on hold pending a new timeline for replacing the roof. More information on this, or other solar proposals received, will be shared in a future report.


Sexton Dan Kapsner reported a recurring problem with garbage, used syringes, and worse accumulating in the exterior stairwell leading from the handicapped parking area by the Parish Hall doors down to the basement boiler room. This area, which we use for ladder storage, is unlit and out of sight, making it an attractive place for dumping or certain activities that we don’t really want happening on church property.

Our plan is to install a chain link fence gate across the top of this stairwell. While not impregnable, it should make stairwell access difficult enough to serve as an effective deterrent. Estimated cost of materials and labor will not exceed $500, which we’ll fund from somewhere in the budget.

Kudos to Dan for seeing this need and pursuing a cost-effective solution. He also just completed building repairs caused by the failure of the old water heater that serves the kitchen, and installed a new water heater that passed inspection with flying colors. Dan is an absolute blessing to have on staff!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information. As always, thank you for your patience, support, and sound leadership!

Respectfully submitted,

Lou MacMillan, Junior Warden

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