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St. John's Episcopal
Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry (EfM) is designed to engage intellect, curiosity and reason in an in-depth study of our heritage and our current life as Christians.

Using a seminar approach, EfM incorporates worship, independent study and theological reflection in a community setting of not more than twelve participants.

Guided by trained mentors, participants spend four academic years exploring:

  • Hebrew scriptures
  • Christian scriptures
  • The development of Christian theological thinking
  • The meaning of ministry in current life

In England, EfM is called Exploring Faith Matters. In the US, multiple denominations (especially Episcopal and Lutheran) use this exploration of faith matters to strengthen the people in the pews.

Contact EfM mentors John Guydish, 943-5472, and Usrah Claar-Peck, 570-2211, for information or enrollment.

Many of us feel familiar with the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. Often our knowledge is formed in childhood and molded through regular or sporadic church attendance. However, it has been said that many of us are trying to face adult life issues with an eleven-year-old's theology.

John Guydish, Lee Mohler, Mary Knox and Mary Laws enjoy fellowship at an end of 2012-2013 celebration dinner.