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St. John's Episcopal

A testimonial by Phyllis Soloy, EfM graduate

Why EfM?

This special 4-year course is carefully arranged to take full advantage of a small study group, encouraging individual growth through sharing and caring.  Over the past 4 years our groups has encompassed both men and women, of varying ages and backgrounds.  All four years meet together, enriching discussions.

Through our baptism we are called to minister.  I found in EfM a seminar group that is a safe placed to try out new ideas and to receive support for daily endeavors.  I learned from my classmates that “ministry” is a many faceted term and am encouraged to see ministry in its many forms – even in small everyday encounters.

EfM studies are arranged to provide a deeper knowledge of the love of God, of God’s people and their lives throughout the ages.  This course begins with the Old Testament, travels through the New Testament, into the early days of the developing Christian church, through the Dark Ages, Medieval times and the Renaissance into the “now” era of science and its effect on the church of believers.  In the fourth year we hear the voices of various theologians bringing us forward to a time of ever deeper understanding of God and hopefully of new thoughts and tolerance to meet the challenges of this 21st century.

As my fourth year has drawn to a close I find myself reluctant to give up this opportunity to share and learn from others.  However, I know too it is time to move on with my studies, serving when and where I can.

EfM could be your ticket to a wonderful experience and broadening your ways of thinking.  Where it will take you is where YOU want to go.