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St. John's Episcopal
Friday, August 30 2019

Vestry Thoughts

August 21, 2019


Dear Members and Friends,


It's indeed a pleasure to be writing this to you as we relaunch The Chronicle. I, for one, am certainly happy this communication is being provided again. Thanks to all those who have been involved in its rebirth. It's an exciting time at St. John's and I hope this means of communicating helps add to the excitement as celebrate things that have taken place or will be happening in the future. As far as our last Vestry meeting is concerned . . .


Where were we when we last spoke? Oh, yes. We were within sight of our final destination on our trip. Having arrived we're now off to enjoy the sights, reflect on our adventure and plan for a new one. As I mentioned during our All Parish Meeting on August 11, the process is never ending. We're always preparing for the next journey.


Where do we go from here? Does that cause feelings of excitement and a bit of anxiety? For me it's both, but I think the excitement of where we're heading and what we're trying to do edges out. We've made significant strides in addressing the financial concerns at St. John's, and as we move forward, your Vestry will continue to devote its energy to providing the best support for our parish as possible. We will always be planning, adjusting and informing you of how things are going.


With those thoughts in mind, here are some of the highlights of the meeting held on August 15, 2019. Our Treasurer, Bob LeRoy, provided the Vestry with updated financial information including: a Statement of Financial Position (the first time anyone remembers seeing this type of report), a Profit & Loss Budget Overview (ranging from January through December 2019; essentially this is the 2019 Budget, which was adopted by the Vestry), and a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual statement, which covers January through July 2019.


These documents are available on the website for your review. As always, should you have any questions regarding the statements, please contact Bob LeRoy, our Treasurer. All the financial transactions from 2018 through July 2019 have been evaluated, and an accepted method (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles--GAAP) of accounting for transactions has been implemented. My "Thanks!" to both Bob and our Bookkeeper, Cynthia Knapp, for such a fantastic job in sorting things!


The budget for 2020 is in process. As this budget continues to be developed, an additional approach will be taken regarding funding for separate ministries. Each group/ministry will be asked to submit a request for the funding they feel will be needed to continue their work through the entire year. Details regarding how this will be accomplished will be coming soon.


Your Vestry decided to proceed with the Capital Campaign utilizing the professional assistance of the Episcopal Church Foundation's (ECF). Jerry Campbell, our ECF consultant, will be working with Bob LeRoy and others to develop the needed materials, distribute them and solicit pledges to ensure a successful Campaign. These efforts will begin soon with the Capital Campaign to begin in January 2020.


Additionally, Jerry will be working with us on our Annual Pledge Drive for 2020. Sarah Clifthorne has graciously agreed to chair this committee. We will also be using the services provided by the ECF in this endeavor.


During this time of excitement and renewal, I'd like to take a moment to encourage you to wear your name tag during services, Coffee Hour After Ten-thirty (CHAT) or at other times when it would be helpful. If you don't have or have misplaced your name tag, please contact the office. I'm sure someone will be happy to provide a new one for you.


As always, my sincere "Thanks!" to you for your continued, unwavering support of all we do at St. John's! You make all the difference to so many! Thank You!!


One last thing--Lin, Tiny (our little, 16 year-old dog) and I will be packing up our motorhome and heading to the Great Smoky Mountains and other destinations in September. I'll be absent from the September Vestry meeting so someone else will be informing you of the highlights of that meeting. Then in the fall of 2020 we'll be heading out on another adventure. The planning and the journey (whatever kind) never ends. See you in October!


In The Attempt,

Mark Hampton

Sr. Warden

St. John's Vestry


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