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St. John's Episcopal
Saturday, August 31 2019

After several years of struggling with the maintenance issues of St Johns, as Jr. Warden I still have my focus drawn to our buildings needs. We are well on our way to resolving many of our sanctuary issues. The success of our upcoming capital campaign will show us just how much we can accomplish. Along with those projects outlined in the capital campaign we are drawn into the maintenance needs of the whole church.

We are striving to come up with an accurate accounting of just what it takes to operate St Johns in a manner that will address our needs and create a budget to address them. In addressing some of these needs we will be giving our parishioners opportunities to volunteer to help fulfill some of these tasks. Most of these are simple jobs that only require a little time each week or monthly. Helping clean up after major events, cleaning the kitchen, emptying the trash occasionally when we have had unusual high use of the facilities are examples. We will start posting a list and signup sheet on the parish hall bulletin board so we can co-ordinate tasks and volunteers. We are also posting a job search for candidates for a part time sexton in leu of a weekly cleaning service that does not seem to keep up with our fluctuating needs.

There are many things going on at St Johns these days, so please contact one of us on the vestry for comments and questions as well as what you may be able to do the help our parish fulfill our needs.

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