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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, October 01 2019

Pigeon Forge, TN

Dear Members and Friends,

Greetings from the Great Smoky Mountains!  What beautiful scenery we've been lucky enough to see.  Certainly different from the Pacific Northwest, but just as grand it its own way.

We've come about 2,800 miles on this venture and have another 500 or so to go before beginning the trek west and heading home.  

In addition to the gorgeous scenery we've seen, Lin and I were quite impressed with the focus on family.  Last Sunday, we found a picnic area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where we could have lunch.  As I dragged out our small cooler with sandwiches etc., we noticed families arriving by the car load.  They unpacked tables, chairs, grills, coolers in amounts I've never seen.  Families gathered to celebrate each other with food and fellowship.

Church buses arrived and members unloaded to find table after table (with tablecloths, I might add) laden with food ready to be savored.

Wherever we are fortunate enough to go, we are always reminded of our families and our relationships- some of the greatest gifts bestowed on us.

In the attempt,
Mark Hampton
St. Warden

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