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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, October 01 2019

Fall seems to be upon us.  Time to square things up around the church for winter.  Dan our sexton mentioned there is a florescent light out in the parish hall that apparently has a bad ballast.  Is there anyone that has the wiring experience to help install a new one?

Our yard service crew takes care of our leaves, thank you our anonymous doner who provides that service.  Keeping the gutters clear is always a job until the leaves are all down.  We'll be visiting with Ray Willard about what trimming we need to do this fall and schedule a work party.  We also need to do some sidewalk repair and I'll organize a work party for that when I get back in town.  Anyone have concrete experience?  If you have time for any of these projects let me know and we'll  plan for it.

Ric Weatherman,  jr warden

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