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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, October 01 2019


Our Pledge Campaign for 2020 has launched, and I’d like to offer my thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make it happen: Sarah Clifthorne and Gerry Apple, co-chairs; Mary Law, Evie Fagergren and all our office workers who come in during the week; our speakers who share their faith on Sunday mornings this month; and our shepherds who are making sure everyone in the parish has a pledge card. Thank you to each of you for your ministry!

I mentioned this in The Messenger last week, but it bears repeating here in The Chronicle: I have been diagnosed with advanced arthritis in the left hip, and on the advice of my doctors I have scheduled a total hip replacement for December 31. I will be away from St. John’s all of January recovering from this procedure. Thankfully, the Church Pension Fund provides insurance for active clergy in these circumstances, so we will be able to hire an interim to take over for the month that I’m gone. I’ll announce who that person is as soon as we have finalized all the details. In the meantime, my sincerest thanks to our Wardens, Mark Hampton & Ric Weatherman, and to the Vestry, who have been incredibly supportive as I’ve been evaluating treatment options and developing a plan in these last months. I’m deeply grateful for their support, and for that of the parish.



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