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St. John's Episcopal
Friday, December 13 2019

Sanctuary Renovation Committee Report

Many people – architects, owner representative, renovation committee, capital campaign chair, Rector and Vestry – are hard at work on the Sanctuary renovation. We are blessed to have such a talented, thoughtful design team and engaged leadership working together on this project. Herewith, a summary of our recent progress.

Part I - Roof & Structural Improvements

Design work reached a milestone on December 5, when we approved the Schematic Design (SD) for the roof replacement and structural improvements. This means the basic roof and structural design is done and can go into the next phase, called Design Development (DD). The DD phase will finalize design, structural, and material details; we expect it to be completed by the end of January.

The new roof material will be a single-ply, rubber-like membrane (no shingles!) with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, plus a one-year workmanship warranty. Structural upgrades will include two X-braces between the concrete portal frames closest to the back (south end) of the nave, and add extra concrete to support the large stained glass window over the red entry doors.

Part II - Chancel Remodel

We authorized our architects to complete a Schematic Design (SD) of the Chancel remodel to provide a conceptual plan for our consideration, as Part II work had less overall support than Part I in last summer’s feasibility study responses. The Part II Schematic Design will include a narrative, floor plans and elevations (side views) to illustrate the basic design, forms, spatial relationships, systems, and scale of the remodel. The architects are revising it to incorporate our latest feedback and corrections to the initial design concept. SD drawings, while not a final design, will provide the basis for further funding consideration and ultimate decision-making.  We expect to receive the completed SD package from the architects by early January, in time to include it with the materials for the capital campaign.

Solar Panel Proposal

At the request of some members of the parish, we have asked Capstone Solutions, an alternative energy provider, for a detailed proposal on the technical and financial feasibility of installing a high-efficiency solar panel array on the Sanctuary roof. We are in the early stages of discerning whether such a system could work for St. John’s, but several issues must be better understood before we can make a recommendation to the Vestry. We’re working diligently to determine its potential.

Lou MacMillan, Renovation Committee Chair

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