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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, March 24 2020

Chlorine bleach feels like an old friend these days, supplemented by Betco Dual PH 7 disinfecting cleaner. (Health hint: NEVER mix them.) And as you might imagine, the maintenance is endless at St. John's.

Of course I still check the doors, because occasionally one doesn't quite latch. The big red doors in the sanctuary are the worst offenders, although recently I found one of the side doors to Capitol Way ajar. Now when I leave the building, I take a moment to give the door a pull, just to be sure it really did lock behind me. 

In the six months I've been working for the parish I've become accustomed to a bustling community with four services on Sundays, heartfelt fellowship, and lots of meetings, groups, and ministries. On top of that there are events large and small and wonderful, wonderful music--not to mention a lively bunch of school kids upstairs. And during that time I've had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the good souls who make it all work. 

But now, suddenly, it's so quiet....

While it's far too quiet for my taste, I accept the need to close the building, and I have faith that we will be back. In the meantime I will press on with my to do list as the Governor allows, looking forward to the day when once again I will grab a twist of red licorice in the office and see Mary at her desk, or chat with Alberta as her shift begins, or catch up with the rest of the people who animate St. John's and make it a living, breathing force in our lives.

Signing off for now,
Dan Kapsner
St. John's Sexton

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