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St. John's Episcopal
Wednesday, September 23 2020

St. John’s Episcopal Church

Treasurer’s Report for The Chronicle


September 21, 2020



Finance Committee


The regular monthly meeting of the Finance Committee was held on September 16. Joining me were members Gerry Apple, Christian MacMillan, and Ric Weatherman, along with Rev. Michael. We reviewed our current financial condition and progress on the upcoming annual campaign.



Our Current Financial Condition


Our bank balances at Commencement Bank as of this morning are:

   PPP Loan = $106.43

   Operations = $8,835.46

   Designated = $6,200.43

   Capital = $8,783.60

   Memorial = $7,718.92

   EIDL = $149,900.00


Our Budget Report for August 2020 is not yet complete. We will post it to our website as soon as it is available.


We have received the $70,000.00 withdrawal from our General (Unrestricted) Account with the Diocese of Olympia Master Trust.  We have applied these funds to the following payables, totaling $61,418.05.

   Betschart Electric Co* = $1,667.07 (Electrical work on the second floor)

   Church Insurance Agency Group = $5,008.08 (Insurance for buildings and grounds)

   Church Pension Fund = $2,742.44 (Pensions for staff)

   Clint Pehrson* = $3,650.00 (Consultant’s fees for work with architects)

   Crystal Springs = $42.07

   Diocese of Olympia = $5,000.00 (Monthly Assessment)

   Episcopal Church Clergy Benefit = $6,739.00 (Health insurance for staff)

   FireTek Design & Installation* = $16,357.49 (Fire alarms on the second floor)

   Jerry Campbell* = $1,400.00 (Consultant’s fees for work on annual and capital campaigns)

   KMB Architects* = $18,411.40 (Architect’s fees for planning for roof replacement, structural and related repairs to the sanctuary)

*Capital expenses


We are completing the paperwork necessary to open our new Advisory Solutions Account with Edward Jones and should be able to fund it with the balance of our Commencement Bank EIDL Account next week.



Respectfully submitted…


…Bob Le Roy, Treasurer

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