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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, October 20 2020

Dear Friends,

Fall is probably the season I like most. That crisp feeling in the air you notice when you take a walk, the way the sunlight seems to make everything glow, the smell of Lin making apple cider doughnuts or enjoying a cup of the hot cider itself. All these mark the season to me. We know a change is in the air, we can literally feel it. It's time to transition from summer to winter. That's fall. Let's enjoy the beauty of this blessing, especially during this time.

Your Vestry met last night to continue the work we have been called to do. I'd like to share some key points from last night's meeting with you.

We welcomed Fr. R.C. back from his Vacation/Sabbatical. Fr. again expressed his gratitude for being able to have some reenergizing time away from his duties at St. John's | San Juan. I know he found the time busy, yet rejuvenating and productive. Welcome Home, Fr.! It's nice to see you back!

As mentioned in his The Messenger notes for Sunday, October 18, Fr. R.C. commented on our desire to return to in-person worship. This was also a topic of discussion at last night's meeting. There are many things to consider before safely reopening, and I think Fr. did a wonderful job explaining all the things that have to be taken into consideration before we resume in-person services. Please CLICK HERE to read his The Messenger article, if you missed it. 

The Olympia Community School has informed us they will be moving into a permanent facility at the end of the calendar year and will no longer need to rent space from us. While we are happy to see they have found the building that can better meet their needs, it does mean a loss of monthly income to us at a difficult time; however, it does mean we will not have to make a significant, financial investment in a sprinkler system that is required for schools. Jr. Warden Ric Weatherman has told us that system would cost somewhere in the $70,000 range, if my memory is correct.

Ric also let us know he is still working on getting bids to repair our crumbling sidewalks. The work will need to be done professionally to be in compliance with city ordinances. 

Annual Pledge Campaign Chairperson Sarah Clifthorne provided an update on the progress of the campaign. The campaign will run for nine weeks with an end date of November 29, 2020. She reported pledges are beginning to be returned and expressed her "Thanks!" to those who have pledged their financial support of St. John's | San Juan.

I would also like to thank those folks and would encourage others to prayerfully consider supporting us financially. I understand this has been a difficult year for a variety of reasons, but would hope you can find it possible to maintain or increase your level of support and return your pledge as soon as possible. If you did not receive a pledge card, please contact the church office.

Our Renovation Committee Chairperson, Lou MacMillan, let us know we have a building permit ready to be picked up! Progress is being made on the project. I know you are as excited as I am to see work begin on the plan to replace the roof! Lou is also working on bids to address the mold abatement process needed to rectify that issue. To read Lou's complete report, please CLICK HERE

Wearing two hats, Capital Campaign Chair and Tresaurer Bob LeRoy brought us news of where we were regarding both. The Capital Campaign will be officially launched in January. With the beginning of a new year, we trust we will begin a new chapter in the story of St. John's | San Juan with a successful and highly anticipated campaign!

As always, Bob keeps us apprised of how we are doing financially. He noted an increase in giving, which is typical for this time of year, and he is working on the budget for the coming year. We will be getting that information out to you as soon as possible. To get a better picture of our financial status, please CLICK HERE to access Bob's report.

We also learned Vestry member George Guthrie will be leaving us to move to Portland to reconnect with family and friends. Thanks, George, for your commitment and support of St. John's | San Juan! We wish you and Cathy well as you begin a new adventure, even though you'll be returning to a city with which you are familiar.

Our Communications Director, Evie Fagergren, will be leaving us as well. Evie has been with us for about two years. During her time with us, Evie has proven to be a much appreciated staff member. We will certainly miss her dedication and contributions as she pursues working with her family in the shellfish business. The best to you in all your future endeavors!

Talking about folks leaving is never a pleasant thing, but it does remind me of the need to offer a sincere "Thank You!" to all the people who have become so dear and important to us at St. John's | San Juan. Thanks to all the Staff, Vestry, various Chairpersons and their Committee members and all our church family for all you do! 

Until next month, stay safe and well!

Mark Hampton

Sr. Warden

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