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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, February 23 2021

RENOVATION COMMITEE – For the February 23, 2021 Chronicle
Asbestos Abatement
Abatement work in the Sanctuary is proceeding on schedule, with no surprises encountered so far. Advance Environmental (AE) reports the ACM texture is coming off the walls fairly easily. They expect to finish on time, around March 8th. After that, volunteers can begin moving pews and audio/visual equipment back into the Sanctuary in hopeful preparation for in-person worship during Holy Week.
I hope you saw the time lapse video on the website of the contractor raising the huge plastic curtain wall to finish the enclosure. It made me appreciate just what creative problem-solvers contractors are! AE has never worked in a space quite as voluminous as ours, and they were awed at the interior space and architecture. Incidentally, two members of AE’s abatement crew, Carlos and Armando Guzman, are members of our San Juan congregation. In the coming weeks, as part of the capital campaign’s publicity and outreach, we hope to interview them on what it means to work on the renovation of their own church. Stay tuned!

Part I Construction
No news to report on the construction front, though behind-the-scenes FORMA continues to study the detailed construction documents and plan for construction work. Expect more news next month.

Solar Power Array
Today Tom Loranger and I attended an informational webinar hosted by Interfaith Power and Light to help congregations better understand and navigate the many different financing options available for affordable solar power. We have many new questions and need to gather more information, but we could use help. Would you be interested in joining an informal “study group” on solar options? This will likely involve learning more about the solar market in our state, contacting lenders or vendors for information, then analyzing and helping translate all this data into an understandable format for later presentation to the Vestry and congregation. Please contact me at 360-485-7128 or if interested. Previous experience preferred, but not required!

Respectfully submitted,
Lou MacMillan, Chair
Sanctuary Renovation Committee

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