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St. John's Episcopal
Tuesday, April 27 2021

Welcome to The Chronicle. It’s been a busy month at St. John’s | San Juan! We resumed in-person worship on Palm Sunday, March 28, and attendance has been great since we resumed! It’s been surprisingly emotional for many of our parishioners to worship in our sanctuary again, after the pandemic kept us away from the church for over a year. While it isn’t exactly the same as it used to be quite yet (we still can’t do food and fellowship indoors, for example), it’s been a major step toward
recovering our common life following the pandemic. April also saw us publicly launch our capital campaign, “Sing to the Lord a New Song.” Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge and contributed to the campaign! We are making steady progress toward our goal, and we look forward to celebrating the conclusion of the campaign on Pentecost, May 23!

Once we’ve funded the work we’re going to have done, it’ll be time to actually do the work, and we’ll need to move out of our worship space for the second time in 2021. Unlike last time, when we had the asbestos abatement done in February & March, we will have to move absolutely everything out of the sanctuary for the seismic retrofitting work to begin. We’re devising a plan now for how we will store things like our concert grand piano and organ console; our altar, pulpit, and lectern; all the chairs and pews in the nave and the chancel; all of the video and sound gear; and all the items stored in the tower room. We’re going to have things stashed away all over the building, and we also have to figure out where we’ll do worship while the work in the building is being done. It’s a complicated set of problems, and every solution we’ve come up with has drawbacks. We’re working hard to figure out the best plan, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have one that will work.

It’s an exciting time to be part of St. John’s | San Juan! I’m glad you’re with us for this adventure!


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